Australia is a distant but certainly fascinating destination, which stands out in the ranking of the most beautiful countries globally, due to the richness of its flora and fauna. The reasons for giving us a trip to the land of kangaroos are very numerous, and we will have the opportunity to deepen them later. First of all, however, it is important to understand how the tourist visa works for visiting Australia, so that it can move in a conscious manner.

How Australia tourist visa works

To enter Australia it is not enough to have a passport, because at customs you must present yourself with a regular entry visa. And it is obvious that this will have to change depending on the purpose of our trip, given that there are those who choose to visit this country for a holiday and those who decide to work there. In the first case, you can enter the new country with the eVisitor visa for Australia: as shown on the AUVISA website , this particular permit can be requested by those who choose to go to Australia for a holiday or for work, have a valid for one year (12 months) and provides for a continuous stay of 90 days maximum. Furthermore, it is very easy to request, since it is possible to refer to specialized agencies, such as Auvisa for example.

It should be emphasized that this visa cannot be extended, but that it is possible to request it again when the previous one expires. Furthermore, as mentioned above, the eVisitor is a type of permit that does not allow you to work in Australia, with the exception of voluntary work ( with koalas , for example), provided that this is not the main reason for the trip and that the same activity cannot be carried out by an Australian citizen for a fee. To be able to do a real job in Australia you have to request other types of visa, as in the case of Working Holiday or Business Visa.

Why go on holiday to Australia?

First of all because this country is full of extraordinary attractions, and in this case just mention a few, such as Ayers Rock , along with Kangaroo Island and routes such as the Great Ocean Road . Secondly, Australia is the perfect destination for trekking and animal lovers, and is also an ideal country for those who want to discover dream beaches.