A business or company gains multiple benefits when opting for custom-printed ID cards. Having the ID cards customised displays:

  • Name of the employee
  • Picture of the employee
  • The rank of the employee
  • Company logo and name

With this said, what does it mean to have template custom printed ID cards? Choosing template custom printed ID cards is a simple, quick, and easy way to create ready-to-print ID cards. Opting for template custom printed ID cards do away with investing in expensive printing equipment. All it needs is to complete an online order and take advantage of a design wizard to do all the things you want the ID to contain, including design, colours, etc.

Choosing to go with template custom printed ID cards for your business provide multiple benefits, including:

High-quality and professional-looking ID cards

Achieving professional and high-quality ID cards is by choosing templates for business cards. Industries and businesses have exacting requirements and this can all be met for opting with a business card template. The professional finish created by the template can either be printed on photo paper or high-quality ID cards. The end result is high-quality and professional-looking ID cards, whatever the choice of printing.

Choose from a wide variety of options

Template custom printed ID cards allow you to choose the one you want, including:

  • Magnetic stripe scanning
  • Wireless access control cards
  • Fingerprint scanning
  • Hologram scanning
  • Name badges
  • Non-scanning barcode
  • Barcode scanning

The healthcare and banking industries are seen to be the top users of the template custom printed ID cards. It is because any type of information needed to be placed on an ID card is available with template custom printed ID cards.

Customised ID card

Many companies looking to supply customised ID cards to their employees can achieve this with template printed ID cards. Choosing template ID cards allows companies and businesses the most efficient and safest way to ensure the identity of their employees.

Categorizing employees is also accurately allowed with the customised card featuring the following:

  • Company name
  • Company logo
  • Name and rank of the employee
  • Department of the employee


Perhaps the most obvious reason for companies to use a customised ID card system is security. The issuance of ID cards for both employees and visitors alike ensures limited access to some areas. Restricted areas are only confined to the people having the right identification. The customised ID cards ensure that only verified people are allowed access to the workplace.

Function as time cards

Customised ID cards can also function as time cards. Employees using their ID cards when they arrive at work are automatically signed in. Departure time is also logged when employees use their ID cards to leave the workplace. The comings and goings of employees are easily and quickly tracked by the ID cards. Overtime levels are also noted by the ID cards.

Business advertisement

One of the important aspects of any business is marketing. And using customised ID cards is a good and effective way to advertise a business. The company logo and name emblazoned on the ID cards and worn by employees provide free advertising wherever and whenever they use it.

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