The high demand for serviced apartments keeps exponentially growing every day. The topmost attraction offered by serviced apartments to tourists is a hotel’s luxury comfort while making them feel right at home.

Staying for short-term and long-term in serviced apartments is less expensive than staying in other types of accommodations. The type of services and amenities provided by serviced apartments are the things that set them apart from other forms of accommodations.

The expected amenities from staying in serviced apartments include:

Excellent service

Serviced apartments offer excellent services similar to hotels. Daily cleaning services are provided by housekeepers. A guest is given the option to choose the cleaning service schedule convenient for his/her needs. A caretaker is assigned to a couple of guests that will be at their service 24/7. The swimming pool, the gym, the garden, and other social areas can be accessed by guests.

Apartment space

Apartments have bigger space areas compared to other room accommodations. Amenities such as a washing area, a dining area, a living room, a bathroom, and a kitchen allows guests a larger area to relax, entertain, or bond with fellow travellers. Families travelling together find their own space with the larger area provided by serviced apartments.

Cost-effective option

Serviced apartments, as a rule, are not expensive places to stay while on travel. Having a kitchen enables guests to shop and cook their own food. This spells savings especially for larger groups like families with children.

Great location

Generally, serviced apartments are located in prime locations in cities around the world. Their locations usually lie proximate to cinema halls, malls, offices, and restaurants. This is another money-saving convenience when guests do not have to waste money and precious time in travelling long distances.

Fully-loaded apartments

Fully-furnished spaces are one of the top benefits provided by serviced apartments. Just like hotels, serviced apartments have:

  • A/C and heat systems
  • beds and beddings
  • complete kitchen appliances
  • a large LED TV with international channels
  • High-speed WiFi access.

Guests have the pick of choosing a studio apartment or one with one or more separate bedrooms. The fully-furnished kitchen includes amenities such as:

  • Fully functional stove and oven
  • Washer/dryer
  • Complete kitchen utensils including pots, pans, knives, etc.
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator

Bathrooms include amenities such as:

  • Small shampoo bottles
  • Bars of bath soaps
  • Fluffy towels

Guests with vehicles are provided free parking spaces. Similar to hotels, utilities such as electricity and water are included in the rental. Many serviced apartments provide guests with electronic safes, a secure space to store valuable possessions.

The fully-loaded apartments provided by serviced apartments ensure a pleasant and enjoyable experience for all their guests.

Home away from home comfort

The homey environment provided by serviced apartments makes guests feel a home away from home vibe. The large fully-furnished apartment provides all the comfort of home while on travel. This type of unique amenity provided by serviced apartments is their edge over all other types of accommodation.

Serviced apartments provide the ideal solution for both business and holiday travelers. Staying in a fully-furnished apartment offers convenience that a hotel room can ever match. The affordable rates of serviced apartments have made it the top option for people who need or love to travel.