The thought of going on a Jet Ski tour is exhilarating. However it should be kept in mind that it is an extreme sport. This is why it is crucial that you should follow all the rules and the protocols.

The following is a simple guide which would help ensure that you follow all the rules and stay safe during Jet Ski tours in Gold Coast.

Always stay on the right side

It should be kept in mind that any boats or fishing vessels that you come across have the right of the way. Therefore whenever you see an approaching watercraft you need to stay towards the right. Again if you see any other Jet Ski approaching you it has the right of the way. This is a simple rule and if you adhere to it you would always be safe while riding a Jet Ski.

Always be aware

If your water course takes you across another watercraft you would have to make sure that your Jet Ski is not obstructing its visibility. The major cause of accidents while riding jet skis is usually due to collisions. It is important that you are aware of other crafts around you and where they are moving.

Always use the right operating speed

All local regulations set up speed limits. In case the limits are posted you would have to make sure that you do not exceed those limits. Failure to keep to the limits might result in you having to give a hefty fine. Even worse would be collision with another watercraft. When you reach congested areas it is advisable to keep your speed slow just the way you would when you are driving a car.

Make sure you are wearing the proper safety equipment

You would always need to wear a life jacket and eye protection to prevent the water spray from obstructing your vision. It is better to wear tennis shoes or deck shoes, also make sure that you are wearing gloves. The gloves allow you to grip the board properly. Make sure that a whistle is attached to the life jacket. This would allow you to call for help in case of an emergency.

Always use the safety lanyard

It is advisable to operate the Jet Ski with a safety lanyard attached to you. In case you fall of the vessel the safety feature can help prevent a severe accident.

Avoid operating at high speed

If you operate your Jet Ski at a high speed it is going to make a lot of noise. In order to make sure that you are avoiding the complaints it is best to operate at a lower speed when you are near the Shore line or near other boaters.

As a jet skier you would need to share the water with other boats, fisherman, swimmers, Surfers and skiers. It is important that you should keep your distance and also respect their rights to safety.

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